Hold on to whatever and whomever you love, because the Universe is indifferent. 

I must share this young man’s incredible talent. Alex Stoddard shined through the pages in a photography magazine I was skimming through. His photos properly explicate why he caught my attention. Enjoy <3


It’s My Mother’s 56th Birthday….

Much like myself, my mother does not care about material things. On her birthday, or Christmas, Valentines day, etc. she prefers conspicuous display of love, hand-made gifts, kind gestures, and a good meal. These are several out of the many reasons why she’s the most important person in my life. I’m going to list the rest of the reasons in the form of listicles because that seems to be the trend these days.

1. When I was little, she would tell me that I got all my freckles from angels kissing me in my sleep. That must have required a lot of angels and a lot of kisses…

2. She carries a large encyclopedia inside her head. This woman knows so much about everything and will kick your ass in trivia games.

3. She has gone to more music festivals than me. Actually, I have never been to a music festival. She goes to at least two per year.

4. She taught me how to take a shot of tequila. No salt, no lime. If she sees me reaching for a lime, she will give me a motherly scowl that incites internal shame. Needless to say, I always put down the lime…

5.She introduced me to all the musical giants.

6. She plays the violin.

7. She goes nuts over football. I’ve witnessed a lot of football enthusiast excessively manifest their love for their football team during a game. Her screams are the be all end all of all football screams.

8. Instead of buying ill-fitting Halloween costumes at Party City, she singled handedly sewed all of my Halloween costumes to ensure that my costume was the best one. Janet Eagen originals y’all.

9. She made me a redhead- an admirable accomplishment.

10. She taught me how to give a proper hug. She consistently reminds that people who give and receive a lot of hugs live longer than those who rarely display any affection.

11. No matter how old she’s turning, she’s always ecstatic about celebrating her birthday. That’s how you stay young!

12. She is the bestest friend a daughter could ask for.


A Possible Conversation

Girl: You’ll be okay. I can tell.

Boy: How can you tell?

Girl: I can tell that you want more than what you have right now and that you will keep looking for it until you find it and then you’ll be happy.

Boy: What if it’s not enough?

Girl: You won’t feel that way.

Live Oak trees in Savannah, Georgia.